The Nerve of the Sparkling Jacket

25 01 2010

Monday morning… The world is back to normal. But is it? She walks onto the Bloor line train. A black fashion ski jacket. And it’s sparkling. It looks like rain drops but it’s not. She has long curly hair and heeled boots. Normal right?


She takes out her phone and turns on the music. With no headphones! I was fuming (see previous entry). So not only was she bothering me but also the twenty other people within ear shot including the elderly couple sitting beside her. Damn You a Sexy B***h blaring from the little phone. She didn’t care. Thankfully I arrived at my stop before the song ended.

The way home. The girl sitting next to me is falling asleep. She has black nail polish. Thankfully leaning away from me. More people talk on the way home it seems. The two men in front of me are talking in a different language. Good thing they are. Someone might have blogged about their conversation.

UH! I just looked up and they were looking at me. My cover is blown!!

I must add this: I found this picture online. I did not take this picture!! I would be so nervous taking pics of strangers!




2 responses

25 01 2010

So cute and funny! The picture is priceless!

26 01 2010
Fit 4 A Shopaholic

LOL! that’s hilarious.

was it a camera phone, or your actual camera? 😛

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