“Yonge” Love

29 01 2010

There is nothing more lovely than seeing two younge lovers frolicking around the subway platform and inside the car. The modest ones are a joy to look at: linking arms, listening to a single iPod, holding hands and gazing into each others eyes.

Then there are the ones that I had the pleasure of looking at this morning.

They were actually on the YRT on my way to the subway.

She was  wearing grey boots and light blue jeans. It looked like she had a spray on tan since orange isn’t really natural. Her partner, wearing black shoes and the same coloured jeans and had really nice eyes. They both had black jackets.

I don’t know what it was, but they looked to be around 21 but acted like they were 15. They talked very loudly, and kept touching each other’s faces. It was quite funny. She was talking in a baby voice. He was smitten. She leaned into him and was trying to fall asleep on his shoulder.

I guess it was just nice to see happy people today. There was no bag in my face. The people around me were calm and listening to music.

Adventures on the subway don’t always have to be a strange experience.

In other news, The Fixer from the Toronto Star talked about how people are stealing those Subway Route Maps from the Subway cars as souvenirs. You can actually get them free! Click on this link to see the article.

I’m thinking about getting one. They apparently make great lamp shades.

Up next. A Saturday night adventure!




2 responses

29 01 2010

I had to listen to a girl on the viva today, talk to her friend about how disgusted she was to hear young girls talk about sex next to her.

I just to share.

Some people also stink.

29 01 2010


but when you’re standing in the middle of the escalator making out and I can’t get through, then you deserve to be thrown over the railing!

Or if you’re sitting behind me on a subway car swapping spit, you better hope my Starbucks isn’t hot!*

*I can neither confirm nor deny these stories

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