She Was a Wolfman Lover…

8 02 2010

So it was Friday.

Everyone is so happy to be going home to the weekend. Some more than others.

I had to stand today as usual. A group of six guys stood in one doorway and talked amongst themselves. We got to Davisville station and an ad for that new Wolfman movie was on the wall. So the boys commented that it looked like a cool movie and that they wanted to see it.

Bad idea boys.

Unbeknownst to them, a woman in a long, furry, purple jacket and had red hair was standing quite close. She had a large mole on her upper lip (and no she didn’t look like this) and was listening to music on her mp3 player.

This woman was apparently in love with the wolfman because at the mention of the movie her eyes lit up and she moved closer to the group of university students.

“OMG I love the Wolfman!!”

She continued … “I love the original. I think it was made in the 20s or 30s. The remake is just the original with today’s technology. ” She was so happy, smiling and really intense.

The boys didn’t pay her any attention.

“Fucking Anthony Hopkins is in it!”

Now they payed attention. They gave her a look that she was crazy.

Purple jacket lady got off at Eglinton station and as soon as the doors were closing they started making fun of her. One yelled out “Bye Crazy Lady.” They didn’t stop talking about her until they got off at Sheppard Station. One of them said “We should go to the movie and she might be sitting in the front row yelling that Anthony Hopkins is on the screen!”

I don’t know how to react to this whole scenario. There really wasn’t anything I could do because I didn’t know any of the parties involved. The purple jacket lady was just really happy and excited to see  The Wolfman.

So that is what happened on Friday. She’s probably day dreaming about her Anthony Hopkins right now. Good for her. Happy people are under appreciated!




3 responses

8 02 2010

Naturally, the werewolf fangirl is covered in fur 😉

9 02 2010
Steve K

You just described the perfect woman.

13 02 2010

being really happy and excited to see the new Wolfman. . i can’t help but think that this woman is somehow me, ha ha ha. please don’t be so shy next time andrea, i don’t bite, ha ha ha.

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