12 02 2010

Wow, so yesterday I was in a huge rush to get to the bus, I didn’t even have time to make a lunch. I got in my car and drove to the bus terminal. I punched my ticket, got on the bus and began searching through my bag for my precious iTouch. And it is no where to be found.

Then I remembered.

I forgot it on my kitchen table!!

Yes Ralph!

This has always been a scary thought to me. Not having an iPod or an mp3 player during an hour trip to school. I always thought that on those days I would have to experience some loud talking people or see someone you are trying to avoid at all costs. I started to panic. Thankfully, it was just after 7 in the morning and no one was in the mood to be crazy, or to talk for that matter. It was actually nice. I watched cars whiz by beside the bus. A lot of passengers were sleeping. The subway was the same way. No one was talking. I grabbed a Metro and read the news. No one talked the whole way. I realized I don’t need my music to block out the noise. The only noise is the breaks squealing.

On the way home after a great fun-raiser, I got to Bloor and there was a power outage. There was an unauthorized person on track level, and both ways they had to shut off power. I got on the subway and sat down and waited about 10 minutes for the train to turn back on. It happened to this guy a few years ago but I have experienced this more than once. It made me grateful I had a seat and wasn’t stuck inside a tunnel or something.

Not having my iPod in this situation was bitter-sweet. I mean I could listen to the announcements from the speaker about the situation. But I also had to hear passengers complaining and talking loudly about the hold up. I actually got more information about the situation from the passengers then the TTC. During that 10 minute stop I was able to finish a book and just relax.

So I’m not really sure I see anything wrong with not having any portable devices on the subway. No one creepy talked to me or did anything I wanted to hide away from. It actually just made me connected to those around me. Even the foreign speaking lovey dovey couple sitting beside me.

I searched lovey dovey on google. This is what came up!




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19 02 2010
Fit For A Shopaholic

oh gosh, not having your ipod? i would have lost my mind. just today taking photos for our magazine, i *had* to have my ipod. hell, if i get to class early, my ipod is going. i’m such a suck.. i need that thing. it’s basically attached to me 😛

but to be on the subway and not have it?????? oh man! you know once i got to the subway station i realized i didn’t have my ipod, i literally went back home to get it! i need it.

my horror story, okay from main station -> downsview (oh my York university days)… on my way there, it was probably about broadview station, it just died. JUST LIKE THAT. no warning, just died. the horror of that day..

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