Foundation Queen and the Rejected Married Man

19 02 2010

I’ve been MIA in the blogging universe (blogosphere?) lately because a lack of travel on the TTC this past week (only one day of school) but on the day that I was on the TTC and YRT I noticed many interesting things.

On my way to school, I was sitting across from a girl putting on makeup. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before (although I did get changed once) and I think because I was afraid I’d hit a bump and get something in my eye. This girl was going to town on her foundation, using a sponge thing, and for a good 5 minutes (I timed it) she was just sponging that stuff all over her face. It was just not smooth enough for her. If you need tips on how to put on makeup, this video can help you:


So this girl is pretty extreme, but the girl on my bus was almost as weird.

I get on the subway and there is another woman sitting close to putting on her lipstick. She was puckering her lips so much it was making me giggle. I was just waiting for the moment when the subway would stop suddenly and that lipgloss would smear across her face, but no, it never happened. Does that make me a bad person?

On my way home, my avoidance of sketchy people didn’t work out very well. I sat beside a man who LOOKED NORMAL, he wore a wedding ring and was reading the METRO. I didn’t know that glancing at someone’s newspaper was code for “talk to me”, because that is what this man thought. He tried talking to me a few times, commenting on my sudoku skills, and then as I was getting ready to get off at my stop, he asked me if I had time for lunch. I said no, that I had to go home.

I started thinking on my way home funny things I could have said if I was brave and had no empathy. Here is the list I came up with.

  1. I should call your wife and see if she could come too.
  2. Who the hell eats lunch?
  3. Maybe if you were 30 years younger and 100 pounds lighter
  4. I’m sorry, I’m on my way to visit my boyfriend in jail
  5. I’m sorry, I’m really a man

This guy was a “That Guy” <<wicked blog!

So that is it for now. More adventures to come!




3 responses

19 02 2010

6. No thanks. I plan on regurgitating in the next few minutes.

19 02 2010
Emma Cunningham

Ugh. I’ve touched up lipbalm on the TTC but can’t imagine doing anything more drastic than that. Eeeeeeee.

21 02 2010
Fit For A Shopaholic

i’ve never done it before, well once, i tried to apply eyeliner, but the ttc is wayyy to shaky for that, and i enjoy my eyes 😛 LOL.

but a girl was sitting in front of me one time applying NAIL POLISH. wtf, like what is that????? that stuff smells! i gave her such a nasty look, and she gives me one back.. (excuse me.. i’m not the one stinking up the subway car)!

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