“Yonge” Love

29 01 2010

There is nothing more lovely than seeing two younge lovers frolicking around the subway platform and inside the car. The modest ones are a joy to look at: linking arms, listening to a single iPod, holding hands and gazing into each others eyes.

Then there are the ones that I had the pleasure of looking at this morning.

They were actually on the YRT on my way to the subway.

She was  wearing grey boots and light blue jeans. It looked like she had a spray on tan since orange isn’t really natural. Her partner, wearing black shoes and the same coloured jeans and had really nice eyes. They both had black jackets.

I don’t know what it was, but they looked to be around 21 but acted like they were 15. They talked very loudly, and kept touching each other’s faces. It was quite funny. She was talking in a baby voice. He was smitten. She leaned into him and was trying to fall asleep on his shoulder.

I guess it was just nice to see happy people today. There was no bag in my face. The people around me were calm and listening to music.

Adventures on the subway don’t always have to be a strange experience.

In other news, The Fixer from the Toronto Star talked about how people are stealing those Subway Route Maps from the Subway cars as souvenirs. You can actually get them free! Click on this link to see the article.

I’m thinking about getting one. They apparently make great lamp shades.

Up next. A Saturday night adventure!


The Nerve of the Sparkling Jacket

25 01 2010

Monday morning… The world is back to normal. But is it? She walks onto the Bloor line train. A black fashion ski jacket. And it’s sparkling. It looks like rain drops but it’s not. She has long curly hair and heeled boots. Normal right?


She takes out her phone and turns on the music. With no headphones! I was fuming (see previous entry). So not only was she bothering me but also the twenty other people within ear shot including the elderly couple sitting beside her. Damn You a Sexy B***h blaring from the little phone. She didn’t care. Thankfully I arrived at my stop before the song ended.

The way home. The girl sitting next to me is falling asleep. She has black nail polish. Thankfully leaning away from me. More people talk on the way home it seems. The two men in front of me are talking in a different language. Good thing they are. Someone might have blogged about their conversation.

UH! I just looked up and they were looking at me. My cover is blown!!

I must add this: I found this picture online. I did not take this picture!! I would be so nervous taking pics of strangers!

The man and girl in the red jacket

22 01 2010

No one is talking on the subway. A man just walked in. A red NFL 49’rs jacket and it looks like he’s carrying  hockey shin pads. He’s looking at his TTC transfer like he’s studying for the SATs. He doesn’t have much hair left.

People just started talking but they are too far away. The girl just laughed. It must be strange being the only people talking on a silent subway car.

So many white ear buds. Its become a necessity. No one talks but the couple a few feet away. They look happy. I don’t like hearing peoples music through their ear buds. I’ve never had the guts to do something about it.

I must add this.

On my way home there was a girl with a red jacket with big headphones on, dancing. It reminded me of that scene in The Breakfast Club when they all got high and started dancing in the  library.