Better Late Than Never

3 02 2010

The dreaded “blue line”: The late night bus that you have to wait many minutes for and by the time it comes, it’s full of drunken idiots, loud talkers, and many sleepers.

So on Saturday, not wanting to leave a very lovely party, Sarah, Traci and I ventured out onto the Danforth and walked to the corner. Crazy man on the corner. So we walk further down the road and wait in earnest for the next bus to come. I have to admit the Danforth-Bloor line bus was drama free. Although there was a couple rowdy people in the back, who talked way to loud, it actually felt like a Wednesday afternoon that was just really dark outside.

The drama came when we transfered to the Yonge line.

After leaving Traci on the bus, Sarah and I walked to the bus stop on Yonge and waited “freezingly” for a bus. I’m pretty sure it was 10 degrees below zero and we were shaking like crazy. But alas, the crazies were all around. Some European guys who were very drunk and bumming smokes off people. They didn’t have any girls with them. I wonder why. A very blonde girl and a guy standing on the steps. The blonde wasn’t wearing pants. I asked Sarah if she was naked. They were making out and the guy took off his jacket so she could wrap them around her bare legs. Maybe if she dressed for the weather and not like a ****, her love could have avoided hypothermia. There was also a girl that couldn’t stop talking about why the bus was taking so long and when we thought it was coming. I would have smacked her if I could feel my fingers.

We got on the bus and it was PACKED. A group of guys who were acting like “gangsters” and were listening to very bad music on their cellphone. The whole bus could hear it and they even started singing along. They talked like they were so cool but I’m pretty sure it was just an act. Three guys sat in front of us. Sarah mentioned that she wished she lived in the old days when men would give up their seat to women on buses. Especially at 3:00 AM. We eventually got seats and those loud singing “gangsters” finally got off the bus. Sarah and I sat together and got off at Finch.

The night was over. We got to my car and drove away. The radio was on low because we both had headaches. I pulled into my driveway at 4:30 AM.

Sarah and I vowed to never take the blue line again. Maybe only in the summer when it was warmer. Maybe never.

I think if I wasn’t so tired I would have listened to more conversations and observed more people. Lucky for them I didn’t.

This is what the girl looked like. Her jacket was shorter and she didn't have leggings.