The Granny Went to Town

26 02 2010

There is nothing more sweet and salty? then to see an older lady, now known as granny, waiting for the subway. There is just something about her: she’s very small but confident, usually has grocery bags (the reusable kind) “Because deary, I’ve been reusing my bags for years”, or has a cane that she barely uses, but likes having one.

We do love grannies!

So my granny (I don’t know her) came on the subway at Yonge and Bloor a few seconds after me and she seemed to be nervous around all the people. I think she was in the middle of a conversation with a younger women (maybe from the Bloor line). Granny was saying that the experience of getting on the subway during rush hour wasn’t as bad as she thought. She didn’t get knocked over or pushed, and she actually was happy with the experience.

She stood for about 2 minutes until a young girl close by offered her seat.

“Oh no, please sit, you’ve been working all day!”

“It’s alright, I’m getting off in two stops anyway”

This young girl should have said “You are sixty years older then me and have no balance left, it would be my pleasure for you to sit here!”

But no.

The woman who walked on the subway with her asked why she was in the city during rush hour (probably doesn’t happen often). She said she was out for tea with an old friend and lost track of time.

She then started talking about her son that lives in Parry Sound and that he was never married and she had no grandchildren. At this point, I don’t know who she was talking to.

Maybe just anyone who would listen.

Like me.

This is me and my granny. Although, she is actually my Grandma, or Nonna.

Sometimes those grannies have great stories to tell. And they don’t mind who is there to hear them.